About us

Bwindi View Lodge & Camp Site is a budget friendly lodge company in Uganda. We have been at the forefront of reviving gorilla and chimpanzee tourism in the region since 1997.

Twenty years ago we were the first to set up simple camps in the areas around the gorilla parks. Today, Bwindi View Lodge & Camp Site is the leading budget lodge company in Uganda and Rwanda:

An areal view of our 8 Banda Houses

Incomparable Tourism experience in Uganda

Twenty years ago, Bwindi View Lodge & Camp Site was the first company to set up simple camps in the areas around the gorilla parks in Uganda first at the western gate of Bwindi Impenatrable forest.

Through a sustained development and investment program, the properties have been gradually improved as the region has opened up. A major upgrading program throughout 2017 completed their transformation to the fabulous lodges.

Recognition as Leaders in Hospitality & Tourism

Today Bwindi View Lodge & Camp Site is recognised as the leader in great hospitality & tourism category of low budget. The company received the Travel + Leisure Global Vision (2010) and our Coffee Bar won the Pure Community Engagement award for training disadvantaged youths.

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During the last twenty years we have had a clear vision. We have sought to develop Bwindi View Lodge & Camp Site lodges to a sensitive, local culture and aesthetics, connect to the local community and conservation projects and seek to use resources responsibly. We minimise the environmental impact of the lodges by using solar power when possible, harvesting our own rain water and recycling water and waste water when possible.

At the same time to ensure we provide a budget friendly experience at our lodge, we have a back up generator installed to ensure power is available when needed and hot water is not reliant on weather patterns, charging facilities in the rooms provided and important amenities like hair dryers added! All these changes are important changes from the days of our simple campsite.

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