Craft Shop

We make the best crafts around the world and we also run a local crafts store selling to locals and tourists a variety of Ugandan, Kenyan and Congolese art and craft pieces. We plan to run training courses on behalf of other organizations on request as well as in house training for artisans already in our network. We offer design know how and ideas to our artisans to keep our products up to date and competitive.

25% of our Sales goes directly back to the community to support Minority Children who are in Primary Schools surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Under the this, you can support us by Buying one of our art piece. We can send the items to your destination so long as you make an order

The craft industry is geared towards tourists and now more and more tourists not only want to buy crafts but to see how they are made. Like many Fair Trade organizations we like visitors to come and take an interest in our artisans, the culture and craft production. In most cases these visitors are journalists, buyers or academic researchers.

Bwindi View Art and Craft shop can run a craft skill training course for you. We look forward to working with organizations that wish to host and fund a training project for a community group or individual. When we get external and internal funding we channel that into training courses for interested groups with little funding and for existing artisans that work for us. Please contact us directly by telephone to set up a meeting to discuss your tailored price quotation. Lastly but not least we ask all visitors to respect our Ugandan ways and culture. We are friendly and we love making friends but we do things differently as things run differently here than they do in the West. Do not be so quick to judge. First impressions can change into something you didn’t expect. If you listen a lot and learn, you will get a true insight into Uganda and Ugandans which will benefit you greatly. We want you to learn and to go back to your country with a greater understanding. We know that you are the ambassadors and you will tell your friends, neighbors and colleagues about the true nature of Africa.

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