Coffee Cafe

Best Coffee Bar in Africa

With Bwindi Gorilla Coffee Bar, the award-winning Chef Masengesho Elisa does his best to deliver a modern coffee bar and café as his first passion venture in Tourism.

Featuring a takeaway, snacks, bakery and beer counter along with a full-service 30-seat café, Bwindi Gorilla Coffee Bar serves up a menu of expertly prepared dishes and in-house baked goods all with the high impact, global flavor combinations of Food & Drink.

Now this is a Ugandan complete meal . Our very own jungle Rolex made with grasshoppers and served with passion juice

Our goal is to provide a varied selection of great coffee, so you can experience the rich, diverse and wide-ranging flavors of African coffee.

Coffee and tea, in-house baked goods and pastries, sandwiches, salads, and fresh-pressed juices, all prepared to-go or for eat-in at our communal dining space. Our seasonal menu changes frequently.

The Bwindi Gorilla Coffee Bar is a collection of lifestyle coffee tastes that re-address the conventional in a refreshed, energized & uplifting format.   We believe our craft, when approached with genuine attention to people’s expectation, should delight the senses.  In the process, whether a relaxing moment, a business meeting, or time with loved ones, we aim to make it worthwhile to coffee with us.

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